Your First Photo Request

Your First Photo Request

We seem to be having a lot of Members getting caught out by buyers wanting photos before they’re ‘ready’, so I’ve put together a short checklist to help you through the process.

Ideally, you really want to work through this BEFORE you need it, but it’s there as a fail-safe, just in case…

Responding To Quote Requests

A lot of this is covered in more detail in the Set Up Tour and other items in the Members Documentation… in particular, you can download our Getting Organised ebook here … so if you’re new to the business side of things, please do take some time to plan out your own response, organise your paper-trail and basically have everything ready to go, so there’s no pressure or panic when the first lead arrives.

A little confidence will make it that much easier to close the sale… and nothing breeds confidence like knowing you’re totally organised, ready for anything!

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