Why The Photographer-Focus For The Launch

Why The Photographer-Focus For The Launch

A couple of people have asked about the ‘photographer’ content we’re using for the launch, and why we’re not more focused on ‘buyers’?

The short answer is, that will come later…

For starters we want the search engines, Google in particular, to see a new site with a lot of activity, a lot of social signals and probably most important of all… a site that people spend some serious time on.

Photographers will do all that for us.

We’ll keep pumping out some great content, they’ll come to check it out, they’ll share it on their social accounts, and hopefully they’ll also spend a bit of time here reading it and exploring the website.

(Part of the reason we’re making it more website based than ‘downloadable!)

Photo Buyers on the other hand are a bit harder to engage.

While we could run some campaigns to get a lot here quite quickly, if they aren’t actually needing an image… or if they’re bargain hunters… most will leave quite quickly, which Google interprets as a high bounce rate… which can really hurt our performance long term.

We have got some buyer-focused content in the works… we’ll be asking for your assistance on that shortly… and we will be running some email and advertising directly to photo buyers before we’re done, but for now it’s all about demonstrating high user-engagement, and photographers are our best bet for that.

With that in mind, the more time you spend on the new website the better!

Every share, like or tweet of any page at all, will all help us lock-in some good rankings that will benefit us all for years to come!

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