Weekly Digest Emails Are Back

Weekly Digest Emails Are Back

We’ve updated the Members Newsletters format to a new platform, so you now have the original ‘Digest’ options back on what should be a more reliable system. Once a week this will send you a short summary of any new items posted to the Members blog so you can check anything of interest.

For convenience we added everyone to the Weekly Digest with your primary email address.

If you aren’t interested, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of the email, or you can email me directly and we can remove your account entirely if you prefer.

We’ve also added those with Backup Email Addresses listed to the Monthly Digest. This is a similar set up except it’s only sent at the end of the month. This is basically a backup so you can check you haven’t missed anything important…

Or as a number of members have told us… it can be a handy reminder of any items you planned to get back to but got sidetracked…

Again, if you don’t want this, you’ll find an unsubscribe in the email when it arrives.

Hopefully though everyone will stay subscribed… it will never be more than 5 emails per month, and only then if things are happening, so it’s highly recommended!

When you click the links in the emails you’ll be taken to the Member Blog to read the full article. This is now on the GlobalEyeSupport.com domain… you can leave comments and feedback there, but please remember use the Helpdesk for any support issues that need a prompt response.

You’ll also find a lot of older content on the blog. We will be working through that as time permits to delete/update that as required, but for now, please be aware that some of it will no longer be current/relevant.


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