Video Marketing Software

Video Marketing Software

The other offer is for anyone who
publishes their own videos for branding/marketing their business, or for
any kind of affiliate marketing or traffic generation?

We use
video marketing quite a bit for GlobalEye, and personally I think it's a
great option for most photographers to raise their profile and generate
targeted traffic & leads. If you've never considered it, there's an
article in the Members Knowledgebase that explains it.

For those
photographers that do see the potential, here's a brand new 'product'
that will seriously assist with publishing and promoting your videos to
lock-in good search engine rankings and generate traffic.

Video Cash Console
(VCC) is surprisingly simple to use but looks like it's going to be
incredibly powerful. It is brand new so I've only just published my
first video through the system and no visible results just yet, but if it works half as well as
promised, it's going to be very useful.

In brief, here's what you do and what the software/platform does…

1. You upload your video, add titles and descriptions and an (optional) overlay button link to any web page you want..
It immediately gets uploaded to YouTube, Daily Motion, Facebook for
you… you can also have it posted to your standalone WordPress blog
4. Each of those links get shared on multiple high-value social media sites.
5. The video also gets posted to it's own 'blog', which is then bookmarked and backlinked extensively over several tiers.
You also get exposure on the VCC site with your own Channel similar to
YouTube, so there's the potential for additional exposure/traffic there
as well.

The big benefit is all the SEO work that goes on in the
background to get your videos ranking. I won't try to cover it here,
to say it is very heavy-duty and designed to get best possible search
rankings ASAP, similar to a lot of the promo work we do with your

The main thing is, it's all fully automated and done-for-you… so you just have to post the video and enter a few details.

So for a photographer wanting to take advantage of this platform…

1. You could make a slideshow video of each of your key subjects.
2. Upload each with a relevant description and keywords
3. Add a 'View More' link pointing to a relevant Lightbox of images.
4. Rinse & repeat for each of your key subjects then forget about it!

this is set-and-forget unless you want to use some of the other
features/functions. There are a lot of options to monetize these videos,
but if you're just looking to develop your brand and generate some
additional traffic, a few slideshow videos will do the trick!

now they are in launch mode an
d you can lock-in 'life time access' for just $27, one time payment.
It's set to revert to a monthly subscription after the launch, so if
you're interested you only have a few days to check it out

basic account gives you 50Gb storage space, which should be heaps for
the use I've outlined. You can upgrade to 500Gb is you plan on doing
more with it, but for most people, 50Gb plenty.

If this sounds like something you can use, you can look it over here…

Video Marketing Software

be warned, the product and the sales page are geared to the Internet
Marketing crowd… so there's an annoying video and the usual abundance
of big claims… but if you can cut through all that, I think you'll
find it's a very simple, powerful tool that you can use to generate a
lot of additional exposure.

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