Video Action Plan

Video Action Plan

Just a quick follow up on our offer to promote your videos for you…

A couple of people commented to me that they just don't have the time or know-how to take advantage of this one, so here's a quick cheatsheet for you…

This is a 10-step action plan to Create, Publish & Promote Your First Photography Marketing Video in 30 minutes or less. It uses totally free tools and resources and will get you some very useful results for a very small effort.

The videos are pretty short and basic, but they tend to work better that way.

Once you've made your first, you can always go back and make something a bit more substantial if you want, but short and simple tends to work here.

You'll notice it's formatted as an infographic that we've posted on Pinterest… you can download it from there or you'll find a copy on the new blog as well.

Either way, please give it a share and leave some comments if you find it useful!

And don't forget to send us the YouTube link after you've added your link to GlobalEyeStock to the video description!

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