Update on our Updates

Update on our Updates

Work is progressing on the new Members Area, with a number of jobs completed this week…

A couple of people noted there was a bug in the Tearsheet Import function on your Dashboard and the images weren’t being copied over properly. That’s been corrected now if you had troubles, so please give it another try.

That is there as a temporary option for you to import any existing Tearsheets and/or Articles as new Blog Posts, before we delete the old content. The Tearsheets haven’t been getting a lot of interest in recent years, and the Articles no longer generate the SEO value they used to, so we’ll be retiring those features shortly.

So if you want to save your own Tearsheets or Articles, please use the Import feature on the Dashboard to convert them to Blog Posts ASAP. If you can also ‘delete’ the original post when you’re done, that will let us see when everyone is finished, thanks!

We’ve added a Text Editor to the forms for some of your publishing options. For now we mainly wanted to give you a few more styling/formatting options on your Blog Posts, but once we’re sure it’s working properly for everyone, we’ll also be adding it to most of the long-text fields for your lightboxes, galleries, photographer profile etc.

Please test it out on your blog for now though and let me know if you have any issues. And before anyone else asks… yes, I am looking for a spell-check add-on for this!

I’ve had a couple of questions on the Galleries… we were considering dropping them entirely with the re-launch, but I had a lot of feedback and it’s clear there’s a lot of people who like the format. So instead we’ve given the back-end a minor update to make it a bit easier to create and manage your Galleries, and we’ll be giving the front-end  an overhaul shortly as well.

These are actually a very useful format for SEO purposes. The search engines like the extra written content and the slideshow format keeps people on your pages longer… which is also a big SEO plus… so we’ve explore our options here and see what we can do to better showcase your existing galleries and get you some additional exposure.

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