Social Media Links

Social Media Links

We've made a couple of changes to the set up for Social Media Accounts that you might want to consider for connecting to your prospective buyers and also to give your GlobalEye presence a boost in the search engines.

Social Signals are becoming increasingly important for ranking in the major search engines, so we've simplified the set up for you and changed the options to include only the most important platforms for our needs. Previously we had quite a large selection available, most of which weren't being used, so these changes now concentrate our efforts on those sites that can help us the most. 

We've also added Yelp, a Business Directory and Review site. It is carrying a lot of weight with Google and Yahoo these days, especially when you start to get a few 'customer reviews' …

Which can only happen when you link to your profile… which you can now do on GlobalEye.

So even if you do nothing else with social media, I strongly recommend you create a profile for your business on Yelp and add the link to GlobalEye.

We've actually got something else in the works to see if we can lock-in some Google-Local listings for our Members. This is looking quite promising, but it is going to require a few of these business review site listings, so get Yelp set up now and you'll be ready to go! 

While you're there, remember to add links to your profile pages on any of the other social networks as well…

Members => Website Manager => Social Media Accounts

Please Note:

If you have already set this up on the old system, please login and copy your links over to the new system. You'll find your existing links are listed at the bottom of the page, so you can just copy-and-paste those you want, into the new form.

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