Rohn Engh & Photosource

Rohn Engh & Photosource

We received some sad new this week, that Rohn Engh of Photosource International had passed away. I know quite a few of our Members have also subscribe to some of Rohn's offerings at various times but might not have heard the news.

His book Sell & Resell Your Photos was one of the first 'photo
business' books I ever bought and 33 years on it's still packed full of
good solid advice and strategies. The more recent title, was one of the first books to deal with selling photos online, and is just as relevant and valuable today. Either one is well worth a read if you can find a copy on Amazon!

Rohn and I had never 'met' but we've been swapping emails and phone calls since the early days of OzImages and we collaborated on a couple of projects here and there. Even at 84 his energy and enthusiasm were impressive, and there was no doubt he 'got' the internet and all it's many possibilities better than many photographers a fraction of his age.

Anyone currently subscribed to Photosource publications should have received notification re- their future plans, but of you missed it for some reason let me know and I'll forward it on.

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