Re-Launch Specials Ending Soon!

Re-Launch Specials Ending Soon!

We are getting close to reopening to new photographers so there’s a couple of items that will affect current Members…

1. Membership Agreement & Package Changes

The new offer has been updated to reflect the overall plan outlined in our last few updates. We’ve fleshed that out to define a new ‘package’ and we’re currently setting up a number of new systems and procedures to streamline operations within that structure.

We hope to complete the bulk of that work this week and be ready for new Members early next week.

Before that I will post a summary of the changes here, as well as a link to an updated Membership Agreement. Once that’s done, we’ll prompt you to review the information on your next login.

There shouldn’t be any major surprises if you’ve followed the previous updates, but please check it anyway, just so we’re all on the same page.

Needless to say, any feedback or suggestions will be most welcome!

2. Discounted Renewals Ending This Week.

The current discounted membership deals will becoming down next week.  The current prices were only ever a temporary offer while we completed our update, and we need to bring them inline with our ongoing pricing before we reopen.

There is no rush if you’re still deciding what you want to do… we will be leaving all current Member accounts in place until next month… but if you want the discount, you’ll need to lock it in this week.

If you are undecided, you might want to consider the monthly option to lock-in the savings while you make up your mind!

And again, if there’s anything holding you back here, please do reach out ASAP so we can answer your questions before the price increase.



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