Project Packs Launch Schedule

Project Packs Launch Schedule

1. Initial Testing – Now!

At this stage we've got the back-end pretty much ready to go. Most
of the Admin functions are in place and fully tested, and the
Members submission/admin pages are ready as well.

got some
very basic pages set up for the front-end, but what we need now is
some photos submitted so we can finish that part off. I want to do
bit more testing of the Member sections once there's a
lot more photos and content submitted as well.

If you have a moment, and you're happy to lend a hand, you can
submit a couple of images to our test projects in the Members Area.
You'll find some new links have been added to your Content Manager
page. There's some instructions/information included on the various
pages. (We'll transfer that to the Documentation once everything is
tested and the format/workflow is finalised).

You'll also find an option to suggest New Project Topics. If you
have any ideas, please submit some details and we'll look at adding
them to our publishing schedule. You can also vote on any of those
that you think should be fast-tracked!

Please be aware this is a work in progress. Some links
are not connected yet and there may be a few bugs in the system as
we test it out. If that kind of thing upsets you, please wait for
now… there will be plenty of time to submit later before we go

2. Initial Submissions – Approx 29th December 2014

If all goes well, I'm hoping to have the Members Interface ready to
go before the New Year. At that time we'll delete the Test Projects
and open up 12 new Photo Gigs to get the ball rolling. We'll send a
message out with details of each, asking for submissions.

If you have suitable images you'll be able to submit them, connect
related Lightboxes and Galleries, and add a personal note to
accompany your submission. The Social Sharing tools will be
for this phase, until we've completed the final testing.

As soon as we have sufficient images in each of these, we'll update
the 'description' and go
'Live' on the front end. We'll connect  the main listing page
run some controlled traffic through it for a final test.

3. Public Launch – Approx 6th January 2015

Once we're happy all is OK, we'll send an announcement to our full
Photo Buyer mailing list of about 23,500.  We'll also run the
announcements on our social media accounts and blog networks.

We'll turn on the Member's Social Sharing options for all
future submissions, and you can review your earlier submissions and
share those if you like.

We'll have a few social media
ready to go, but these things will ALWAYS work better with a lot of
people doing a little bit each, than us trying to do it all. So iIf
majority of our Members can share one or two Project pages each…
and encourage your own connections to share/like/tweet… this
feature could generate a lot of interest very fast!

4. Ongoing Operations – Approx 15th January

We'll then go to work on the next batch of Projects… aiming to
2-3 a week for the next couple of months. This will allow us to
email our main list once a month with an update, and also create an
immediate/automatic notification option for those interested.

term I'd expect to pretty much phase out the mass-mailing and just
be emailing those who want to know the minute a new Project Page is

By then we'll have the Project Suggestion options available for our
Photo Buyers, and hopefully we'll be getting plenty of
from them, plus we've got a number of other sources to draw on to
create a consistent, ongoing publishing schedule.

plan is to make
a Publishing Schedule available to Members well in advance, so you'll
be able to see what's coming up and shoot accordingly, though there'll
also be a lot of time-sensitive subjects included throughout the

We'll also have our semi-automated systems in place to
'promote' each new page as it's published, to ensure rapid search
engine indexing, and if all goes well, loads of top rankings in the
search results!

A Few Considerations Before We Start…

Please be aware this is a long-term project and will take a little
while to build momentum.

We first need to get some great content in place to attract
visitors. Then we need those visitors to subscribe for updates, so
we can keep
them coming back regularly. Once that's happening though, I'd expect
to see some good sales of
the existing content and requests for new specific content.

At this stage I'm not going to try and guess how long it's going
to take for that to happen, so if you choose to submit images so any
of these initial
'Projects' , please be patient,  don't expect an immediate
response and don't invest too much time on it!

That said, I am extremely excited about this and I'm very confident
it's going to be very good for everyone.

If you're able to contribute to a Project, it shouldn't take more than
3-5 minutes to select and submit the relevant images, so it could turn
out this is the most effective way to 'work' GlobalEye.

Best of all, even if you're unable to
contribute to a lot of the Gigs personally, you will still benefit
from the increased traffic and buyer engagement right across our

And if we can get the General Photo Requests happening again as well,
then that's going be an added bonus for everyone.

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