Photography Crowd-Marketing

Photography Crowd-Marketing

This is a new additional to our Monthly Member Newsletters… you'll notice is the 'social marketing' box at the top right
on each new issue… this is a trial at this stage but I think it could be
very useful for everyone here.

For starters we're going to add a
new Photo Research Project each month and ask that everyone give it a
share or a like on their preferred social media accounts. We're getting
some good social activity on these pages already, but I want to see if
this extra boost can move things along a bit faster.

If it works
as expected, this is something we can apply to any page on any of our
websites. So we could start giving selected Lightboxes and Galleries a
bit more exposure, or even a crowd-boosted 'Featured Photographer' every

The Photo Research Projects are a good option to
experiment with though as they feature images from multiple
photographers… so they benefit directly, and of course we all benefit
from any social signals generated for any page on our websites.

please share it now in one or more networks and it should go without
saying… if you haven't contributed to any of these 'Projects' yet, do
it now!

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