Photography Concentrate

Photography Concentrate

The annual Black Friday
sale from Rob and Lauren at Photography Concentrate is fast approaching and wort ha look. They are offering
25% off all their photography courses, so well worth checking out if you’re in the market for any additional photography training. They’ve got quite a selection there now and those that I’ve check out personally have all
been excellent quality.

During the Black Friday sale, they’re also offering a free course called ‘Photographing Life’… 12 modules
covering everything from camera skills, light, composition, post processing, back ups and a whole lot more.

This one is a bit of a teaser for their full training packages, but could be an excellent way to review your skills/knowledge in the various areas and see if there’s room for improvement. They’re releasing one module a day, so I’m still waiting to see what they’ve got to say on ‘workflow’ and ‘backing up’, but those I’ve looked over so far have been quite comprehensive.

Specials & Free Course

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