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We've just about completed a fairly major upgrade of this website. Some
you might remember we set this up a few years back to try and generate
some targeted listings in Google for local photographers… we set up
mini-websites using sub-domains such as, etc, listing all our members in those

It worked extremely well for a while… until one of Google's updates
it fizzled out soon after. We were right in the middle of something
though, so I put up a basic business directory for
photographers, imported all the GlobalEye members… and pretty much
forgot about it.

A little while back though, we noticed it had built up a bit of Google
PageRank again and was starting to get some good steady traffic. Quite
few non-GlobalEye photographers had listed their details/websites
(which added the all-important fresh content) and it was traveling along
quite nicely… even though it was
seriously neglected.

After looking at the directory script we decided it wasn't ever going
offer the features we wanted, so we decided to rebuild from scratch
with the emphasis on showcasing the GlobalEye photographers.

The front end is almost complete now and I've got to say, I'm really
happy with how it's coming together. It's only showing GlobalEye
photographers at this time, but we do plan to open it up to any
interested photographers shortly.

The idea here is: this site
displaying information already available on our stock library
websites… ie. your photographer profiles… so it's going to have
limited appeal to Google as-is. 

But by allowing
non-GlobalEye photographers to list and changing some of the
formats around, we present unique content that
Google does like, and we should be able to build significantly on the
PageRank and the traffic it's currently generating.

So a couple of important points for Members…

1. You don't need to do a thing! You listing is created
automatically from your information on GlobalEye. This is simply another
outlet to showcase you and your work.

2. You can login to that site if you wish. It will require your
email address and your GlobalEye password, but I'd recommend you don't
make any major changes there, because they will be reflected on all
GlobalEye pages.

3. If you do check it out… we are still working on the Members
options, so you might find a few things not fully functional just yet.
You might also notice a couple of new items not
currently in use on Global… we'll be incorporating those shortly and
I'll let you know when they're ready.

you do go for a look, any feedback or bug reports will be much

So again, no work is required here… this is simply to let you
know that you're listed on this site and how it's set up, in case you
to come across other references to it!

As always, if you do want to find your own pages and bookmark or share
them, it all helps get you noticed!

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