Photo Web Host Is On The Move…

Photo Web Host Is On The Move…

For The WordPress Users…

If you've ever felt restricted by
other people's themes, Layers is an easy option to create your own
unique designs and layouts, without having to learn all the technical
stuff behind it.


There's quite a few of these WP website
builders appearing now, but all the others I've looked at have been
quite complicated and expensive.

Layers is totally free and from
my initial 'play' incredibly intuitive and easy to use. I've made
myself put it away for now until I get a few other projects finished,
but I'll definitely be going back!

For The Website Owners…

people will be aware we initially set up as a GoDaddy
reseller quite a while back, so we could offer Members wholesale pricing
on Domain Registrations.

Since then quite a few people have
also signed up for web hosting and other services, and a number of
non-Members are using it as well, and it's reached a point where we've
actually got ourselves a bit of 'buying power' that you can benefit

We're now moving to another provider where we'll be able
to offer Members even better deals on domains, hosting
and other related services. If you're in the market for these services,
it could be well worth your while to hold on for a little bit!

be sending an update to all existing domain/hosting customers as soon
we're ready to go, but in the meantime, if you're looking to login to
your Admin panel, the link below will take you there…

PhotoWebHost site is currently having a major update, so nothing to see
there just yet, but keep an eye out for the 'grand re-opening' as we'll
have a few great specials to get things rolling!

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