Photo Research Projects

Photo Research Projects

We've had a few delays getting these first pages 'broadcast'… we found
a couple more
issues that needed work once more Members started submitting images, plus
a few bugs that were preventing the search engine bots  from accessing
the public pages.
Those have all been sorted now, and we're busy setting up the custom
publish &
promote process now.

I'm pretty happy with how that's coming together…
and we've discovered a couple of new tools that we'll test out here,
apply to your individual Lightboxes and Galleries as well, once we're

The good news is, even without any serious promotional efforts, we're
starting to get a few direct hits on these from Google… so they're
already getting
indexed and ranking well. Once we start the broadcasts some of these
pages should really start to generate some serious interest.

One part that is working particularly well are the social sharing

have a lot of systems in place to tell us what content is being shared
directly on our websites, and we're also able to track when it is
re-shared on the various social media sites. It is early days, but
already we're seeing 3-4 re-shares of these pages for every direct
from our site.

In simple terms: if you share a page once, 3-4
of your connections will probably share it for you as well!

Each of those is another link pointing back to your content… bringing

in new visitors and raising our rankings in the search engines… so it
really is worth your while to share any of these pages you add photos

Another unexpected benefit of these Photo Research Project pages is a
number of people who have tried them out, added some photos and now
a better understanding of how the individual lightboxes work. Several
photographers are now happily catching up on creating their own
Lightboxes… having seen
first-hand the way we put the Project pages together.

If you've struggled at all to get your head around the various SEO
elements, you should definitely make use of the Photo Research
so we can take care of the SEO stuff for you… but make sure you also
have a good look at
the info we've added to each of them while you're there. You might
be surprised to find it's not so difficult after all!

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