Photo Projects / Crowd Sharing

Photo Projects / Crowd Sharing

I've got to admit I expected a
much  better response for these. Those who have contributed will know that
they've been getting a bit of interest… especially those we've
featured in the Crowd Marketing box above which have had 10-20 times the
visitor traffic by now… but it is a relatively small group of
members who have contributed so far.

If you haven't checked this
out, please take a look. I think there's a lot of potential here and
I've got a few ideas to grow it once we get a decent set of projects
'ready', but we've got a way to go before that happens.

If there's no projects
listed that you can contribute to, please check out the Suggestions
section as well. You can vote for some that are already there
, or make your own suggestions. (There's a few good ones there by now
that have had some strong support, so we'll open them up for submissions

For now though, please give the one above a 'Share'
or two on your own social media accounts, and the other Members might
return the favour for a Project with your images next time!

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