F16 Link Tracking

F16 Link Tracking

This is another service-website we set up that will take long and complicated links, and create one mthat’s much shorter.  If you create a (free) account, you can also track the clicks your link gets. This is particularly useful if you are doing any promos… so you can see exactly where your clicks and leads are coming from.

I’d encourage you to bookmark the link below and check it out sometime…


Any time you have a long or complicated link you need to share, this will make it a little more user-friendly and let you track your visitors as well.

Please note. Do NOT take the upgrade option! There’s a number of additional features available for paid users, but you don’t need that!

We’ll set something up shortly so GlobalEye members get that for free automatically, but for now, once you register an account, email me at this address and I’ll upgrade you manually.

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