New Photo Research Projects

New Photo Research Projects

We've added the next batch of these on a variety of subjects. Rather
than list them here, I'll ask you to take a look and see if you can
contribute to any of them
. Don't forget the earlier ones while you're
it… some are still waiting for a few more images before they go
so all contribution will help.

I will keep reminding everyone
that quality is going to be much more important than quantity with these. Please
don't anything borderline just to make up numbers, and please avoid
loading near-duplicate images. Make sure each image you submit is a
unique view of the subject matter!

Remember also that you can add to these any time

In fact
one of the
biggest advantages of this approach is, long after you initially submit
images, a new member might add some as well… and bookmark the page in
couple of social media accounts… and that new activity will be
noticed by Google etc, and bring them back to re-index the page and
possibly give it a bump in the search results.

This is huge…
you do your bit by adding your images, but the group contributions will
continue keep the page fresh indefinitely after that.

As always though, the more people get involved, the better it will be
for everyone!

I'll set up a standard announcement list for the new Photo Research
Projects shortly, so we will get better to adding new ones on a
and letting you know they're available… soon!

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