Leverage Your Sales!

Leverage Your Sales!

It's been a while coming but we're about ready to relaunch our Made-A-Sale page in a whole new format and I've got to tell you, I've surprised myself with this one… I think it's going to be huge!

In short, we've broadened the scope of the posts, we've seriously ramped up the value for anyone who contributes, and best of all,  we've done it in a way that it's going to benefit every single member… enormously! 

We've changed the name to GlobalEye Success Stories, and now when you share your experiences you're going to get some serious social exposure of your web pages in return… which will effectively leverage your past successes into increased exposure for even more traffic, leads and sales!

Here's how it works…

Any time another Member or a visiting Photographer wants to view your story, they first have to share your link on their social media account… that is on either Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. You can nominate a URL to share, or the system will just insert your Portfolio page.

This is ongoing, so you post your story once and you could be getting these valuable social signals for any of your pages, hands-free, for years into the future.

Ideally you want to keep submitting new 'Success Stories' every chance you get, to have even more
of your pages being shared.

And because we'll making these listings available to the photographers passing  through our Photographer's Information pages as well, we'll be exposing your 'Stories' to some 1500-3000 additional people every month!

This will be incredibly powerful for everyone who contributes, and in the words of 'Big Kev' (for the Aussie Members who might remember him?) … I'm excited!

These social signals are becoming more and more important for SEO by the day… especially with Google… and I can't stress how valuable it will be to have so many different people sharing your links over an extended period of time. 

So please take a moment to read over the documentation on this, and think about any 'Success Stories' you can share?

I know there's a lot of Members who have been promising me they'll share some sales for a couple of years now, so now I'm calling on those people to deliver! 

I'm also sure there's plenty more who I haven't spoken to directly, who have got some successes to share as well…  so I'm calling on those people as well!

Please take 5 minutes and share your story!

Even if you just share one for now,  I am confident you'll see the benefits almost immediately and you'll be back here adding more every chance you get!

Even if you're a new Member with no sales yet, you can still get involved. Just by viewing the other Member's listings, you'll be generating social shares that help us all, and if you leave your comments as you go, you'll also be creating a link back to your own pages. 

And again, this combination of social signals, fresh new content and multi-tiered internal linking is pure SEO gold that Google loves these days, and just by view the existing content and joining the discussions, you'll be connecting your pages to the 'network' and sharing in the extra SEO Juice it's going to generate.

You can get started now by clicking on the Community icon in the Member's Area…

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