GlobalEye’s Authority Network

GlobalEye’s Authority Network

As mentioned previously, we’ve been busy rebuilding our own network of ‘Authority’ sites that we
use in promoting your individual pages and our stock library websites as

If you check out the VCC offer above, they actually use a similar structure and process, except theirs will be quite generic while ours is focused on ‘photography’ keywords.

I know most people aren’t interested in how all this stuff works, only that it does work, so if you want a more ‘in depth’ explanation, maybe check out the VCC page!

For everyone else… it’s taken a bit longer than we originally planned, but our top tier blogs and web 2.0 sites are finally starting to accrue some useful ‘authority’ and as a result lock-in some good rankings in the search results for our target keywords.

And that is showing up as a marked increase in visitor traffic over the last couple of weeks.

I’m getting quite excited about the potential already, but realistically this is only just getting started, so by the new year I expect we’ll be blown away. Momentum does play a big role here though, so if you do decide to give the video marketing a run, please make sure you get a couple of videos up ASAP… it will all help!

It’s worth noting, while we always talk about using this to promote the Lightboxes: that is only because they are our most ‘search engine friendly pages’.

This process does actually promote our entire network of library websites and all our photographers and all our photos.

So if you publish your own images into Lightboxes you get the direct benefits, but even if you don’t , you’ll still benefit from the additional exposure and traffic this process generates.

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