GlobalEye Support & Helpdesk

GlobalEye Support & Helpdesk

updated our Helpdesk once again but hopefully this will be the last
change for a while. The flood of spam to the emails on our main domain
was getting too much, so we've started phasing them out. Please note our new email address:

And our new Helpdesk location:

emails sent to that email address will automatically open a new Support
Ticket. This helps us monitor any support issues and ensures your
emails don't slip through the cracks.

To keep it simple, we've
also updated the Quick Contact form in the Member's Area so that any
queries you submit there will also create a new Support Ticket.

Please add: to your email Address Book or your Safe-Senders list now, to ensure our support emails always get through.

If you ever have trouble receiving emails from GlobalEye, please also add and just to be safe!

Also… please help us stay off the spam-lists.

DO NOT add our address to ANY email you're sending to multiple

This 'Send To All' option is the fastest way to put all your friends email
addresses on spam lists! They won't thank you for it and we don't want that kind of mail either.

If you EVER forward emails
or send 'broadcasts' to all the contacts in your Address Book, please
make sure we're not on it. Thanks!

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