GlobalEye Stock Blog & Photo Lab

GlobalEye Stock Blog & Photo Lab

If you've had a look around the new website, you'll have noticed we've added a lot of content to the Photographer's area, in particular The Blog and the training area: the Lab.

In recent years we've let ourselves get spread a little bit thin with blogs and resource sites all over the place. A lot of it was automated so it was manageable, and it worked well for us in the search engines, so it was worth the effort.

Times have changed and we'll do better moving forward if we concentrate that effort on one website… so GlobalEyeStock is it.

The Blog will be geared towards any photographer wanting industry news, general interest photography articles, sales and marketing ideas, and links to some great photography.

The Lab will be a training and resource area, geared towards those just getting into the business side of things, but in time there will be plenty for everyone.

For starters we've imported a lot of our best/most-popular older posts from the other sites, and we've set up a few news feeds, so there's some good content there already for the GlobalEyeStock launch, and we'll be adding plenty more in coming weeks.

Please check it out, give anything of interest a share or a like, leave your comments and feedback… and maybe bookmark it for future reference!

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