GlobalEye Photo Project Packs

GlobalEye Photo Project Packs

Starting in the New Year, we're going to begin publishing our own
'Photo Requests' on a regular basis. Instead of waiting for photo
buyers to tell us what they want, we'll put these requests out
ourselves, 'on spec', so anyone interested can contribute photos to a
Project Lightbox.

As we create these 'Projects', you'll be
invited to submit any relevant images to a
lightbox. Then once the lightbox has a reasonable number of images,
we'll announce it to our Client list. (Currently 20K+ Photo Buyers)

The idea is to present these 'Projects' to our Photo Buyers as a
source for fresh new high-quality image content, based around
current/trending topics as well as evergreen stock

Time will tell what's going to generate the most
interest, but realistically a project only needs to generate one good
lead to be 'worthwhile' for someone, so we do plan to experiment a bit
and have some fun with it!

We'll be drawing on all kinds of resources for ideas… like Google
Trends, our
existing archive of past photo requests, existing magazine photo
want lists, trending topics on the major social media sites and so

We'll also have
the option for Members and Photo Buyers to suggest their own ideas
for new Projects, and also to 'Vote' for the projects
they'd like to see activated next. 

To begin with I'll be emailing our full Client list as batches of
new content are published, but the idea
will be to get interested photo buyers to subscribe to a separate
Update List just for this purpose, once we have some good content

These lightbox pages will be fully optimised for the search engines
and we'll broadcast them in the same way we currently promote your
personal lightboxes. We'll have a number of social sharing and
commenting options embedded for both photographers and photo
buyers… so they should also become a good source of new targeted
buyer traffic for our websites.

These Requests will also  be 'ongoing', so Members can add new
photos any time, and that constantly changing content will also help
them stay
fresh and maintain high rankings in the major search engines.

We're also going to connect each Lightbox page to a General Photo
Request form, to start 're-educating' the buyers to the idea of
submitting their own requests on demand.

Important Benefits For GlobalEye & Our Photographers

Hands-Free SEO Publishing. If you struggle wit hSEO and
adding written content ot your pages, then
this is a way for you to let us do it all for you. You'll be adding
your photos to pre-made pages where we'll take care of the written
content and all the SEO details, and we'll be promoting them just
we would your individual lightbox pages. 

Exposure For Smaller Photo Sets. One limitation of the
lightboxes is
the need for a minimum number of images… with these 'Project'
lightboxes, you can contribute even if you only have one image on
the subject.

Re-Engaging Our Photo Buyers Mailing List. This structure
will give
us a steady flow of valuable new content to share with interested
photo buyers… basically it's an excuse to email our subscribers
regularly and encourage them to come back to the website and review
your new work.

Leveraging Our Social Media Networks. We're including a
number of
Social-Sharing options: for photographers when you submit your own
images, and also for photo buyers visiting the various Project

We've got a few ideas for incentives for both
groups, to
make sure each new project page gets the early momentum to lock-in
some strong search engine rankings.

Some of the
'trending' topics will have broad existing interest, so there's scope
for some serious social marketing reach as well if some of these go a
bit 'viral'.

Custom Photo Pages To Highlight Your Content. We've got a new
format on the way that take will take the Photo display pages to a
whole new level.

  1. They'll put more focus on the
    contributing photographer. It will show other images you submit
    to the project, any related content you nominate, plus you have the
    option to add a personal note if there's other information
    you'd like to share.
  2. We've designed these as powerful
    marketing pages with every element on the page working to the goal of
    getting the Client to take action… ie. bookmark the image, download a
    comp, request a quote or license the image. 
  3. They
    should also rank extremely well in the search
    engines… providing your captioning is complete, detailed and

More Leads & Sales For Everyone. Obviously this is the
goal… to get more Photo Buyers looking at more photos and asking
to use them.

These Project Pages should work at least
as well

as the individual photographer Lightboxes so they are certain to
generate good interest for all contributors… Plus more regular contact
with our mailing will generate more visits to the library in general…
Plus I'm hoping we can get a lot more of the General Photo Requests
happening again.

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