GlobalEye Facebook Group

GlobalEye Facebook Group

You're probably noticed out Photography forum site has been over-run
once again by the spammers. This time around we had every anti-spam
measure in place I could find, and they worked OK for a while, but it
seems eventually these idiots are always going to get through. I've had a
good look around at a few other platforms but they all seem to have
similar issues.

Back before the spammers started
messing things up, we used to have a
strong community feel here and there was a lot of positive interaction between members, and I'd really like to get
some of that back… so we're going to give it yet another attempt: this
time as a private Facebook Group.

If you're already on Facebook, you just have to click the link and look
for the Join Group button.

If you're not on Facebook, you'll be prompted
to set up an account first… you'll need to decide if that's something
you want to do, but it seems most of our Members do you the platform by
now, so I hope that won't be an issue for too many people.

We actually started setting this up a couple of years back, but we got a
bit of resistance from Members who didn't want to use Facebook so I let
it slide. I'm hoping for a better response this time around, so please
help us get a bit of momentum happening… join and get involved: say
'Gday' to the other GlobalEye Members, ask a question or lend a hand!

A few considerations:

There is the option to share photos, videos and links… I will ask that
you only use those if it's adding real value & interest to the
conversation. No advertising or promotions please! 

Please do not use this for support requests. Send those through the Helpdesk so the right people can assist you asap.

Please do not ask for critiques of your work here… this is a professional / business group, not a beginners forum.

Keep it positive, friendly and courteous. People are taking time out of their day to check this feed, so respect that and don't greet them with anything negative, angry or irrelevant.

Make sure anything you post is going to make the rest of the group glad they caught it!

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