Your To-Do Checklist

Your To-Do Checklist

The big job right we’re focused on now is rebuilding the new Member Set Up Tour, though we’re taking a slightly different approach this time around. Since the GlobalEye package tends to evolve and grow so much, we’ve designed the rebuild to work more as an ongoing ‘Checklist’ so we can add and update items as required, and you can always see at a glance what needs doing.

So you’ll be able to check in anytime and see if there’s anything that you’ve missed, any new tools or features that have been added, or anything that’s been significantly updated that you might need to look over again.

New Members will start at the top and work on through the list, but I’m hoping all Members will check in from time to time to make sure they haven’t missed anything. We’ll be adding some useful sales & marketing sections, plus some bonuses and extras to the latter sections, to encourage everyone to keep checking back…

The framework is now set up for this and we’re just going through now importing/updating the various ‘Steps’ and then getting them into a logical order for the new Members. Once the first section is ready we’ll open it up, so anyone interested can make a start on that while we finish off the remainder. Once that’s done, we’ll get to work recording some screen capture walk-throughs of the key tasks.

So a bit to go still, but this format will be a lot more useful for everyone and a lot easier to keep up to date.

You’ll find a link for this in the side menu in the Members Area… that’s currently pointing t6o a temp checklist but it will redirect to the new format as soon as Section I is ready to go!


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