A New Approach To Photo Requests

A New Approach To Photo Requests

One of the most popular features in our early days were the General
Photo Requests we'd send out on behalf of our photo buyers.
Sometimes they couldn't find what they were looking for in the
library, other times they just didn't have time to look, but either
way they'd ask us to do a search on their behalf.

weeks we'd
get a dozen of more of these, and we used to see a lot of great
sales for our photographers. Then as the library grew and the
buyer's habits/expectations
changed, the volume of these began to drop off and these days
they're quite rare.

Our library is large enough now so
that most of our buyers find what they want through a search, and
when they don't, their need for instant gratification means most
will go look elsewhere rather than submit a request and wait around
for results.

When I talk to a lot of buyers though, there still seems to be a
definite interest in letting someone else handle some of the
'research' for them… if it can be done in a convenient and timely
manner. Most seem to like choosing images a lot more than they like
searching for them!

And there's no question our photographers used to love the regular
flow of photo requests coming through. It was a constant source of
ideas and inspiration for everyone, plus of course the occasional
easy sale!

So for a while now, I've been looking for a way we might be able to
reinvent the General Photo Requests in a way that will
re-engage our
photo buyers, and generate more useful leads for our photographers.
And the good news is, I think we've come up with something that
do all that… and a whole lot more!

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