A Couple More Updates Completed

A Couple More Updates Completed

We’ve now relocated our Helpdesk and Knowledgebase onto the main GlobalEye website.


The old Helpdesk was really too complicated for our needs, so we’ve gone for a much simpler solution that should make it easier for everyone.

You still have the Quick Contact form available in the Members Area for quick/simple queries and feedback, suggestions etc, but please try to use the Helpdesk for any tech support issues so we can track them to a resolution.

We’ve imported all the relevant Knowledgebase articles and in the process flagged about 40 of them for an update… we’ll get through those ASAP, but in the meantime we’ve commented on any that are out of date.

And as you’ll see from this newsletter, we’ve now got the Members Newsletters set up again on the weekly Digest format.

We had to move that software to a different server for compatibility reasons, so the members News blog is now on the old GlobalEyeSupport.com domain. You’ll still find headlines and excerpts on the MembersDashboard when you login, and if you stay subscribed, you’ll get a single email once a week… but only IF there are new posts.

There’s also a Monthly Digest option… we recommend you subscribe to that with your backup email address… just so you can double check you haven’t missed anything important at the end of each month!

And at the other end of the scale, we’ll be adding a Twitter Feed of these posts shortly, so you can get instant notification via Twitter as we post new items… check back for that new week!

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